Program Your Modes

Knog’s Modemaker app allows you to customise the modes for a range of Knog’s lights putting you in total control and letting you choose the way your light-head behaves. Simply plug in your light and programme your light to suit your needs.

How It Works

Knog’s ModeMaker app allows you to tailor the modes for any PWR bike light or other compatible Knog product.

  1. Remove or add light modes, up to 8 (depending on your light)
  2. Select from a library of Knog-designed flash patterns
  3. Select brightness of constant modes


Having any issues with the app? Send us an email at

Modemaker Supported Products

  • PWR Commuter Bike Light
  • PWR Rider Bike Light
  • PWR Road Bike Light
  • PWR Trail Bike Light
  • PWR Mountain Bike Light
  • Cobber Bike Lights (StVZO model – sold in Germany – not compatible)
  • PWR Explorer Flashlight
  • PWR Seeker Flashlight
  • PWR Camper Flashlight
  • PWR Trekker Flashlight
  • Bilby Headlamps
  • Bandicoot Headlamp

Watch The Video

Find out how Modemaker works with your PWR bike light or other compatible Knog product.