Knog To Power The Inaugural Saddles 100 Ultra

It’s the inaugural year for Saddles 100, an epic 100 & 50 mile trail run presented by Satisfy and adventure sports legend @michael.versteeg.

Taking place under the full moon on September 30th, the event will guide runners on a loop through the beautiful terrain of Prescott, Arizona.

This is going to be one for the ages folks, and Knog are stoked to be supporting this event as the official lighting partner. 

We'll be kitting out crew and runners with our powerful and purposeful Bilby Run 400 (100 mi) and Bandicoot 250 (50 mi) headlamps - essential kit as runners push into the night.

 Saddles 100 Ultra Trail Race

What should runners expect? Well, here's how Satisfy are describing it... 


"Like a heavily distorted guitar riff pushed through a well-loved amp in a garage in Prescott, the inaugural year of Saddles 100 comes out swinging. Unapologetic and unabashed, it promises runners only one thing, a long day outside in the Arizona Desert where they must navigate either a brutal 50-mile course or a relentless 100-mile course, with the ultimate reward being the experience and community that the runners will get to be a part of.

We now dwell in a time where long distance trail races have become honed to a refined point; a proletariat pageant of sponsorship banners, nut butters, nutrition and where athletes are paraded around like a prized bull. Some dream of the “old days,” when the finish line was a banner, and runners came in dusty and dirty, competing only for the sake of the run.

It is in this black clad vein of thought and nostalgia where Satisfy Pro @michael.versteeg drew inspiration for his own race. Wanting nothing more than to showcase the natural beauty around his home in Prescott, Arizona, Mike decided to plan and develop Saddles 100. Providing runners with a running experience that's focused on the act and journey itself. A celebration of the natural world and the resilience of the human spirit."

We're pretty f*cking excited about that. And if you’re up for running in one of the most anticipated trail events in recent times, don't think twice. Get involved

Photo credit: Satisfy